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YAKKAY - Modische Fahrradhelmhute für jeden Menschen und jede Jahreszeit

YAKKAY Petit Collection

YAKKAY Petit Collection

YAKKAY Petit Collection aims at kids and youth with a stylish attitude. At the same time the helmet also fits some adults. To fit the Petit Collection you must have a head circumference of 51-54 cm.

The Smart Two Helmet Petit is a smaller version of YAKKAY’s design award-winning Smart Two bicycle helmet and thus tested and certified in accordance with both European and American safety Standards.

YAKKAY’s Smart Two Helmet Petit comes in five bright colours: Red, Blue, Beige, White and Brown.

To accompany the Smart Two Helmet Petit we have three YAKKAY cap-style covers: Paris Black Oilskin Petit, Paris Herringbone Petit and the special Cambridge Gold Cover Petit.

The Cambridge Gold Cover Petit only comes in the Petit Collection. With the colour of Gold, the Cambridge Gold Cover suits all the strap colours of the Smart Two Helmets Petit – Ruby Red, Ivory Blue, Golden Blonde, Silver Grey and Chocolate Brown.

Should you want to change the strap colour of a Smart Two Helmet Petit, you can do so with our interchangeable Strap Sets.

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